Devoted to cataloguing the many and varied architectural treasures of the Northern Territory, Australia.

The focus of this site is on public & commercial buildings and structures built post WW2. There are many organisations that have identified the architectural heritage (pre-WW2) of the NT, such as the NT Heritage Register and some devoted facebook & flickr groups.

By no means is this an exhaustive list and in no way should be seen as authoritative. It is simply a way of identifying and preserving some of the modern architectural wonders spread throughout the NT.


The buildings and infrastructure shown on this site are all built upon the unceded lands of First Nations peoples.

Across Australia, First Nations peoples have built adaptive, sensitive and robust structures for tens of thousands of years. This website should not be seen as prioritising the built environment post white settlement.

For more information on the built environments and First Nation peoples, the work of Professor Paul Memmott (anthropologist and architect) is a great resource.  

Submissions are welcome!

If you are aware of any shining examples of post WW2 design located in NT, feel free to make contact.

Or if you have any information to add in relation to any of the structures, please shout out. This website is administered on a part-time basis, so please be patient.

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